About the Competition

Over the last several decades the global investment industry has seen a significant increase in competition. There has been a meaningful increase in the number of firms and amount of capital pursuing certain investment strategies such as private equity, public equity hedge fund, and illiquid real assets. Indeed, many of these “alternative” investment strategies have now become mainstream for most institutional investors.

The Harvard Business School Investment Strategy Competition was founded in 2016 by HBS professors and certain institutional investors to create an educational competition for intellectually curious students interested in investing who want to explore and develop a novel investment strategy.

The competition is judged by representatives from large institutional investment firms, private family offices, leading college endowments, and HBS instructors. Finalists pitch their investment strategy to a panel of judges who manage or advise substantial amounts of capital. For those students that want to pursue their strategy post-graduation, these investors may be interested in backing your investment strategy.

First prize is $10,000, second prize is $5,000, and the finalists receive $1,000.

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