Judgment Criteria

  • Overall quality of entry (written and presentation). 30 points.
    • Are the memos and presentation slides clear and convincing?
    • Does the entry address the key issues for this investment strategy?
    • Is it obvious the entrant put significant effort into their entry?
  • Novelty of strategy. 30 points.
    • Is this a new investment strategy?
    • How widely / narrowly penetrated is this strategy by institutional investors?
    • How clever and unique is this investment strategy, or others also had a similar insight?
  • Attraction of strategy as an investment. 30 points. Risk/reward
    • How compelling (or not) is the investment strategy, all in?
    • How does the risk/reward compare to other available investment strategies?
    • How interesting is the return given the illiquidity and complexity (if any) for accessing this investment strategy?
  • Real-world feasibility. 10 points.
    • How easily can this investment strategy actually be implemented in the real world?
    • How scalable (or not) is this investment strategy in the real world?


Submit all entries to Eliza Lewis (elewis@hbs.edu)

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