Suggested Content of Entries

  • First Round Entry. 2-page summary memo.
    • Describe investment strategy
      • What asset or instrument is being invested in or traded?
      • How will you identify specific assets or instruments to invest in?
      • What is the expected range of hold periods for this strategy?
      • What is the range of expected investment returns, with what (approximate) probabilities?
      • What is the range of expected risk for this strategy?
      • How did you come up with this idea?
      • Have you invested or traded in this strategy before?
    • Competitiveness of your strategy
      • Is this idea being pursued presently and by whom?
      • What will your “edge” be in implementing this strategy? How will you be different from (and similar to) others pursuing this strategy?
      • How much capital can be deployed into your strategy, over what time period?
    • Real-world implementation
      • How many people are needed to implement this strategy?
      • How will you source transactions?
      • What other resources are needed to implement your strategy?
      • How much capital can you deploy into the strategy and over what time frame?
  • Final Round Entry. Approximately 5-page memo + exhibits.
    • Expand on your first round entry with more details, data, or examples.
    • Describe a representative transaction or trade(s) in detail.
    • The more data and research included, the more convincing your entry can be.
    • Include exhibits, charts, or return sensitivity matrices to summarize the investment strategy.


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